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INDUSTRY RENOWNED: The Morimoto Elite Systems offer big value in a superior, all-in-one aftermarket solution for upgrading to an HID system. You may have to spend a few extra bucks to replace your original halogens, but in our humble opinion, it’s worth every penny to see better driving at night. Read the Reviews from real customers who have used 9004/9007 HID replacement kits in the past, and read on for additional specs and information.

XB HID BALLASTS: Morimoto’s XB ballasts caught our eye with an industrial-edge design that looks great from the outside, but thats not all they've got going for them. Inside, they’re loaded with cutting-edge technology that ensures safe, efficient and reliable power delivery to your HID bulbs. We’ve tested the 35W and 50W ballasts that come with the Morimoto 9004 HID conversion kit (also 9007) and we were impressed with both the fast warm-up times and the almost non-existent failure rate. Think there isn’t much difference between aftermarket ballasts? Think again.

9004/9007 HID BULBS: Premium halide salts in the capsule of these XB HID bulbs produce a color accurate beam while increasing the amount of possible lumens. The 9004/9007 HID kit’s dual beam capabilities make a great replacement for your dual filament halogen bulbs with no functionality lost in translation. You aren’t seeing things — these XB HIDs put virtually all other alternatives to shame and don’t let up with an impressive 2,500-hour lifespan. Sure, you’re paying more than you would on a cheap-o solution you can find on eBay, but the quality of the results speaks for itself.

MOTOCONTROL HARNESS: We already knew Morimoto made some of the best harnesses for HID systems available, but the MotoControl Bi-xenon Harness takes the cake. An all-new 100% sealed high/low relay helps deliver steady voltage to your HID ballasts to make flickering headlights a thing of the past. Relays featured in the 9007 and 9004 HID replacement kits offer plug-n-play functionality that allows for total control of low and high beams using your original cabin controls. No complicated installs. No modifications. Just a smooth running, dual beam HID kit that meets and exceeds OEM output.

COMPATIBLE WITH CANBUS: Vehicles running on a Canbus system that allows electronic components to communicate with each other will typically display a “bulb out” error message when the lighting system has been modified. In this case, Morimoto offers an optional Standalone Canbus harness that uses a built-in resistor pack to fool the system into thinking it was never changed. Not only does the Canbus harness eliminate annoying warning lights on your dash, but it’s also so easy to install, anybody could do it.

FULLY PROTECTED: Still weighing whether or not to invest in an Elite HID conversion kit from Morimoto? Did we mention the 2,500 hours/5-year warranty on the entire kit?* We stand behind the products we sell with full confidence that it will meet or exceed your expectations for its full life span. Beware of online dealers that will say just about anything to get you to purchase what they’re selling. We’ve been the leading source of high performance automotive lighting parts for over a decade because we know how to treat our customers both before and post sale. Read our Reviews. [*XB55 kits have a 3-year warranty]