H13/9008: Morimoto 3Five Bixenon

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Package Includes:

  • H13/9008: Morimoto 3Five Bixenon
  • Alcohol wipes (to clean bulbs before use)
  • Outrageous Lighting window decal
  • Warranty: 2 Years

Features Abound: With their unsurpassed standards of quality, the Morimoto 3Five H13/9008 bulbs are a perfect way to replace or upgrade the cheap-o bulbs that come standard in most HID kits. Industry standard AMP inputs are compatible with 99% of HID ballasts out there.

Kelvin & Luminosity: High quality halide salts from US manufacturer Praxair in the capsule of the 3Five bulbs ensure their color temperatures are accurate while producing the maximum amount of lumens possible for each particular Kelvin rating (4K/5K/6K)

Low UV: Quartz glass minimizes the bulbs emission of ultraviolet light, which is harmful for the reflective surfaces inside your headlights. Often overlooked, but very important!

Precise: A ceramic sleeve surrounds the base of the glass capsule keeping everything properly aligned, which is extremely important when it comes to headlight optics. The resulting uniform distribution of light and well-defined beam limits will certainly stand out in relative to generic HID bulbs. For best results, we highly recommended use in projector based headlights.

Weather Proof: Integrated rubber housing caps allow for a clean installation and weather-proof connection with externally mounted ballasts or relay harnesses.

Worth it: Priced almost as much as a full eBay HID kit, we understand these are pricey. But, you do pay for what you get here. Better quality, better performance, and backed by a solid company.